Join us to learn step by step about the benefits in digital finishing for the corrugated market.

Businesses with digital finishing benefit from corrugated as the market today demands faster delivery time to market. The number of customized, limited edition products and product launches is rising and the demand for premium, together with globalization and the “me consumer” mega trends, the average run length of packaging jobs is shrinking dramatically and will continue to decline. 


Learn more about the benefits in digital finishing for the corrugated market, how you can create stronger packages, reduce waste and offer your customers the option of optimized cost.


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Want to learn more about digital finishing solutions for corrugated? 

Highcon Digital Cutting and Creasing Equipment

Eliminate traditional packaging design constraints

Produce shorter production runs cost effectively

Get products to shelf faster

Highcon delivers innovation and differentiation that converters, printers, and brand owners all need, transforming “finishing” into a value adding process to positively impact users’ profitability by increasing speed to market, eliminating costly production steps and reducing carbon footprint.