Highcon BEAM sample kit

Interested in receiving a sample kit ?

We invite you to order samples digitally cut & creased by the Highcon machines.  


The Highcon digital cutting and creasing machines transform the expensive and slow conventional die-making and setup process with a digital technology that delivers improved responsiveness, design flexibility and the ability to perform a wide range of applications in-house.  


This is an opportunity to address today’s operational challenges while answering tomorrow’s growth needs by opening the door to countless new opportunities in high value applications and markets




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Highcon Digital Cutting and Creasing Equipment

Eliminate traditional packaging design constraints

Produce shorter production runs cost effectively

Get products to shelf faster

Highcon delivers innovation and differentiation that converters, printers, and brand owners all need, transforming “finishing” into a value adding process to positively impact users’ profitability by increasing speed to market, eliminating costly production steps and reducing carbon footprint.